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KCP&L is the electric provider for Chilhowee.

→Library  - closed by order of Mayor Campbell

The Chilhowee Public Library is located inside City Hall at 100 S. Pennsylvania Ave.  It is a fully functional library and affiliated with Trails Regional Library based in Warrensburg.

The Library has three public-use computers available.  Installation of programs is strictly prohibited as well as any "adult" material.  

You may also bring your laptop and take advantage of the Wi-Fi.   We ask that you set your cellphone ringer to low volume and not make calls inside as a polite consideration for others.

→Telephone and Internet

Landline and internet service is provided by Centurylink.  Broadband is available.  

Cellphone providers vary.


Currently, the Heartland Waste company services Chilhowee.  


  Burning of trash (NOT tires, plastics or other toxic materials) is allowed as long as you use common sense.  This means if it is a breezy or windy day, do not burn.  Also, your burn should be contained somehow, either by barrel or other enclosure.  This keeps the ashes and embers from putting others in danger.

If you wish to burn a large pile of brush or other significant "controlled burn", please notify the fire department so they may be alerted in the case of an emergency. 

Burning of structures is strictly prohibited and may be prosecuted. 


The meters are read once a month on or around the 25th.  The bills are then generated and sent out before the first of the next month.  This means, for example, you will receive the bill for April's usage on or before May 1.  If you do not receive your bill, do not wait until the 11th to call and ask how much you owe.

Payment is due on the 10th of each month.  If payment is not received on or before the 10th, a $5 late fee is added.  You will have a 'grace period' until the 23rd to pay the bill plus the late fee.  

We know that situations arise that may make it difficult to make the payment within that schedule, so if you know that the payment will not be possible by then, you are required to attend a meeting of the Board of Aldermen on the second Thursday of each month and request a slight extension.  Do not call the Water Clerk, do not talk to the Librarian, do not leave phone messages.  

 If your service is interrupted, there is a $50 reconnect fee which must be paid along with the balance due.  And if a check is returned as insufficient funds, a $30 bad check fee will be added to the balance and due - and your ability to pay by check may be suspended.

Due to the repeated and chronic abuse of "sob story" excuses by certain individuals to work around these dates, the City will no longer be making exceptions except in the most severe cases.  Do not call the Water Clerk, do not talk to the Librarian, do not leave phone messages.  

Pay your bill by the 10th to avoid late fees.  

If you cannot, you have until the 23rd but must pay the late fee, as well.  

If you are shut off for non-payment, you must pay the entire amount before service is restored.