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News, events, chatter from Chilhowee, Missouri .................

Please speak with your Aldermen if you have questions, suggestions or comments.  Or maybe you have yet another great idea for the betterment of Chilhowee.  

Try to be polite, though, as our children use our actions and words as their example of how to be decent human beings.

Calling City Hall

 The City Clerk's hours are Tuesday and Thursday, 8am to noon.  She will only be available to answer the phone then.  Please leave a message.


 Neighbors helping neighbors:

 These are some of the tasks noticed around town that anyone could help their neighbors with from time to time.

        (Please do not simply walk up on a yard or a house and start working unless you have permission from the owner.)

  • Vacant Lots - clean up (trash removal), mowing
  • Yards in general - does someone need help getting theirs mown? What about just cleaned up?
  • Senior citizens - do they need help with something (not just the yard)?
  • Alley ways - clear branches and other obstacles away from and around sewer manholes
  • Vacant houses - do the ones being demolished (on purpose) need an extra set of hands to help get the job done?  Have you seen unauthorized people going inside, getting into mischief?  (Call the sheriff if you do!)
  • Painting - some buildings need a coat of paint. Can you help?



If you know of a specific person or family who needs help, please ask and try to assist.  What goes around, comes around - might be you next time who needs a hand!


Let's put community back into Chilhowee!

→Raise in Sewer Rate

Effective with the bill due on Dec. 10, the raise in sewer rates has been enacted.  This was discussed in several public City meetings, scheduled and duly discussed at a public hearing, and passed after even more discussion of alternatives.

The minimum rate for the first 1000 gallons of sewer billed is now $15 (up from ~$8).  Each hundred gallons after that is billed at .06.  This translates to an average raise of approx. $9 per bill, more according to amount of water/sewer used, obviously.

Water Bills

Water bills are due on the 10th of the month.  

If  you do not receive a bill, do not wait until after the due date to call! 

If you know you will not be able to pay the bill on time, come to the city meeting and request a slight extension.

Your service *will* be shut off on or around the 23rd if you do not pay the bill or make arrangements with the Board of Aldermen. 

Regardless of what the naysayers argue, our folks on fixed incomes budget and meet their utility obligations, no problem!